Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Your diseases according to astrology

The houses which are seen related to diseases and sufferings are 6th , 8th and 12th house. First we will study which planet is linked to which disease .

Now we will see which planet is linked to which disesaes.

Sun - Fever, Burning, Heart diseases, Mirgi, Eye disease.

Moon - Walking in sleep, uncomfortable sleep, Extra sleep, laziness, fever due to cold.

Mars - Always thirsty, kod, Appendicitez, skin irritation, fracture.

Mercury - Mind dumbness, can't do any logical thinking, tension without reason, speaking bad words, eye diseases, throat infection, living by extra physical efforts.

Jupiter - Appendicitez, stomach infection, asthama

Venus - Less blood, eyes problem, urine problem, problem in private problems, unsuccessful in intercource,problems due to excessive sex, dryness in body.

Saturn - Problem in leg, tiredness due to excessive physical work, minor accident, body hurt due to stone or tree.

Rahu- Heart diseases, Heart burn, kod,Foot problem.

Ketu- Physical or mental tension, If ketu is in sixth house then problem in body, death of some one elder in the house.

lets study various houses and relationship of planets with them in relation to diseases.

Problem in eyes - Second house is considered as house of left eye and twelth house is considered as house of right eye. If sun and moon are in second houes and they are seen by mars and saturn with vision then there will be problem in the left eye of the ascendant or there will be complete damage of the left eyes. If sun and moon are sitting in the twelth house and they are seen by saturn or mars then the right eye will efected or completely damaged. If sun and moon are not in the second or twelth house, but second house or twelth house are seen by mars and saturn, chances of eye damage are still there. It all depends upon the intensity of second or twelth house being effected by bad planets

Problem in ears- Third house resembles left ear and eleventh house right ear. if the third house is seen by bad planets such as saturn and mars then chances of ear being effected or damage is possible. Similarly if the saturn and Mars see eleventh house, chances of right ear being effected or damages becomes possible.

In this universe planets represents special items. Sun & Mars represents Fire, Moon & Venus represents Water, Mercury represents Earth ,Saturn represents Air Jupiter represents - aasmaan/aakash

Problem in Stomach- if sun , mars, saturn, rahu or ketu is sitting in fifth house, they give problem in stomach. Because fifth house is linked with stomach

Problem in sexual intercource - if Venus is in eight house and is being seen by planets like mars, saturn,

rahu or ketu. Chances of problem in sexual intercourse increases.

Problem of TB - if Jupiter is in eight house or sixth house


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